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Food and Party Warehouse

This project is a prime example of teamwork between Owner, Architect, and Contractor. The three entities worked closely together throughout the entire design and construction process to create a facility that met the budgetary and timeline needs of the Owner, yet remained functional and attractive to the end user, the customer.

The structure of the building is a pre-engineered metal building frame. The exterior envelope features an engineered stone veneer water table with varying custom profiles, textures and color that wrap around the facility for both durability and style. Above this is a neutral colored EIFS wall system caped with one of three different custom profiled cornice moldings, all utilizing the Owner’s corporate colors.

The interior offered limited design opportunities based upon the required layout of the sales floor aisles. An open grid and fog painted ceiling system was used to create an open feel yet allows an intimate feeling of a ceiling system in which to place the high efficient lay in light fixtures. All food handling areas were constructed to meet food grade specification, with washable, hose down surfaces.


Binghamton, NY

Construction Type

New Construction


30, 000 square feet