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Linear Accelerator Replacement

The Linear Accelerator Replacement project encompassed the design of a new linear accelerator vault and support spaces within an existing building footprint. In addition to the new linear accelerator, the design included a complete suite redesign and programming upgrade. Improvements incorporated a new CT Simulator equipment, control rooms, nurse station, changing rooms, planning room, exam room upgrades, offices, a staff break room, and corridor upgrades and alterations.

The intentions of the new design would be to allow the hospital to offer additional and state-of-the-art equipment while allowing synergy between a new vault and the existing vault; provide a comfortable healing environment to allow patients to feel at ease; and upgrade interior finishes and the HVAC and electrical systems.

Construction phasing plans were developed to allow the very busy facility to continue to operate on a day to day basis. Additionally, a close interaction between the architect and the hospital staff developed for scheduling patients between the new and existing linear accelerators.

Because the new linear accelerator equipment was larger than the existing space, a larger room was needed. In this case, restrictions from the existing building and set backs from the street only allowed for 2 feet of expansion. The design team was pushed to be creative with space planning. Special care was taken to match the existing exterior details, masonry, and finishes.

Several considerations were made regarding the radiation shielding design of the vault. Close coordination with a physicist consultant was necessary to ensure the intricate and sophisticated silicon steel shielding and 4 foot concrete walls, floor, and ceiling would provide the proper protection.


Johnson City, NY

Construction Type



5,000 square feet