Emergency Department Addition and Renovation

Chianis + Anderson Architects served as the project architect and interior designer for this renovation and addition project. Situated in rural central New York, this hospital provides emergency care services to approximately 12,000 patients a year, peaking in the summer months in conjunction with seasonal vacations. The original building, constructed in the 1950’s was well overdue for an interior renovation in order to transform the interior space into a modern, patient friendly healthcare environment. In addition, the footprint of the existing building was not adequate to house the necessary expansion that was required to meet the programmatic needs of the institution, so a significant addition was planned.

Looking at overall improvements to patient care and improving the efficiency effectiveness of the staff, Chianis + Anderson created a well thought out solution that also met the Owner’s very tight budget constraints. Beginning with an initial program study and Master Plan of the facility completed by Chianis + Anderson Architects two years prior, the completed project contains a 8,460sf addition with seven (7) new emergency medicine beds. The renovation to the existing 4,000sf within the hospital proper now contains a state of the art imaging center.


Walton, NY

Construction Type

Renovation and New Construction


12,460 square feet