Therapeutic Conservatory

Chianis + Anderson Architects was selected by the Hospital to design a therapeutic conservatory for rehabilitation patients and their families.

The high-tech conservatory has three distinct areas (Work, Grow, Show) that combine to form a warm, functional environment. “Work” is a space for therapy and treatment; “grow” is a working greenhouse to support the therapy and activities of the horticultural center; “show” is a plant-filled respite space for patients and visitors. Features of the conservatory include those found in modern, commercial greenhouses with many “green” components that include a living wall, stones from the Wissahickon Creek, finished concrete, natural cedar trim, a calming water feature, and day lighting.

The conservatory space has allowed more patients to meet their rehabilitation goals by combining therapy with gardening, as well as offer a beautiful, unexpected oasis.


Elkins Park, Pennsylvania

Construction Type



1,400 square feet