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Brewing Company Interior

The Client requested a design for their facility that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but architecturally detailed to meet the functional needs of both the beer crafting and food service processes. The design would also need to have an environmentally responsive and mindful setting to speak of the Owner’s sustainable business philosophy and product characteristics. In all, the project needed to be “green, inviting, and fresh,” to promote the vision, atmosphere and products of the company. It was imperative the sustainable initiative, seen as the foundation for the company, be present not only in the products but also in the materials and systems that made up the physical composition of the facility.

The finished product successfully accomplished the project goals and the desires of the Client on a variety of levels. Constant interaction with environmentally friendly products is inevitable with zero-VOC, low-odor wall paint, stained and sealed concrete floors, tabletops constructed with rapidly renewable agriculture fibers, 100% recycled plastic toilet partitions, and 3” thick countertops made from concrete, locally reclaimed oyster shells, and recycled glass. Waterless urinal, dual-flush toilet flushometers, and electric sensor faucets all drastically reduce water consumption. Further, an extra high efficiency water heater and installation of compact fluorescent lights in every possible light fixture help to reduce overall energy consumption of the facility. A vivid palette of deep and bold greens and purples, rich browns, powerful black accents, and natural textures, coupled with a multi-level black ceiling, gives the space the desired impact both visually and experientially.


Beaufort, South Carolina

Construction Type

Interior Fit-up


4,000 square feet