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Architectural Project Manager

The full-time position of Project Manager is a key element to the overall success of Chianis + Anderson Architects. The individual who has earned this position within the firm is typically a licensed architect, or non-registered graduate with more than ten (10) years of documented experience; has overall project management responsibility for a variety of projects, including client contact, scheduling, budgeting, and construction document production.

Educational and Professional Requirements:
This position within our firm requires the individual to have a minimum of ten (10) years of documented work experience within the field of architecture. The individuals in this position may have a variety of educational backgrounds including, but not limited to a two-year associates degree, a four or a five year baccalaureate degree, or even a master’s degree in the field of architecture, or related industry. In addition to these experience and educational requirements, the individual must have, or be pursuing professional licensure in the field of architecture. Although this certification is voluntary, it clearly demonstrates competency on the part of the individual and promotes a sense of professionalism to our client base, and others in the industry.

Duties of the Position:
The Project Manager’s work flow will vary greatly from day to day and even minute to minute on occasion. The Project Manager is typically involved with projects from the initial inception, through the various design phases, the subsequent construction process, and ultimately Owner occupancy. In addition to the required project design work, the Project Manager is also responsible for management of the Designers and Consultants assigned to the project and responsible for the fiscal aspects of the project as well as the overall project schedule and meeting the required deadlines.

More specifically, the Project Manager is responsible for the following duties:

  • The Project Manager shall be responsible for daily client contact, coordination, and communication. This is project specific, and is not intended to replace the Partners role for performing client maintenance. It shall be the Partners responsibility to maintain the overall client/architect relationship; the Project Manager shall help to supplement this with project specific interaction and communication with the client.
  • The Project Manager shall be responsible for specification writing and project manual development. They shall also be responsible for the required product research, and understanding of the materials and methods of construction for a given project. They should also have a full working knowledge of the Division 0 section of the specification and be familiar with the use of the standardized AIA contracts and agreements and how they are used within a given project.
  • The Project Manager shall work closely with the Partner to develop cost proposals for professional services. This involves the understanding of the Request For Proposal (RFP) documents that are commonly issued by Owners in order to solicit architectural services. The Project Manager would typically assist the Partner to develop the anticipated project team, the work load and associated costs for the labor portion of the fee proposal as well as the list of drawings or other work product that may be required.
  • The Project Manager shall develop and manage the project to a budget and schedule. It is the Project Manager’s responsibility to work closely with their assigned team to meet the deadlines and labor budgets for each project that they are assigned to. The Project Manager shall be constantly aware of, and bring to the Partners attention any work that is required of the project that may be considered as additional services in order to Chianis + Anderson to be able to capture or recover those costs from the client.
    In addition to managing the assigned personnel for the project, the Project Manager shall be responsible for maintaining all of the project records, including both written and oral (telephone and/or meeting) communication. This shall be done for both internal (within the office of Chianis + Anderson), and external, outside of the office for archival purposes and proper documentation. The execution of this aspect of the job duty includes the management of both “hard” paper copies and files, and “soft”, digital file management on the computer.
  • In an effort to further promote Chianis + Anderson, the Project Manager shall be constantly aware of any potential marketing opportunities for the firm, and shall report those findings to one of the Partners who will then determine if that opportunity is suited for the firm.
  • In order to foster the younger staff members, the Project Manager shall serve as a role model by behaving in a professional manner at all times and encourage the younger staff to participate in professional organizations, volunteer and community service oriented work, and other related activities that will promote and expand their individual career.
  • The Project Manager shall identify and properly manage the overall project team, including the necessary consultants as well as the internal Chianis + Anderson design team.

Skills and Attributes of the Position:

There are multiple personal skills required to hold the position of Project Manager within the office of Chianis + Anderson Architects. Some of those specific skills and attributes are listed below. Please note this is not a complete or all-inclusive list, but is meant to outline the main, most significant skills required of the position.

  • Well experienced use of AutoCAD and the Architectural Desktop package(s), along with the standard tool palates used within the firm.
  • Good working knowledge of other software programs such as MS Word, MS Excel, and the specification writing software program Spec link. In addition, the Project Manager shall be fluent with the Ajera financial program software.
  • A well rounded, and good working understanding of the various codes, rules and regulations that are applicable to our market and types of projects and the ability to research this applicability of those requirements to the specific project.
  • Ability to research various building products and develop the proper means and methods of construction for a given project, including the detailing and specification requirements of a variety of conditions.
  • A complete understanding of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) format and project manual organization and development.
  • A working knowledge of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) forms, contracts and agreements applicable to the types of projects that our firm works with.
  • Ability to develop a construction budget and cost estimate for a given project.
  • Ability to be well organized and have the necessary skills to comply with the office standards for documentation archiving.
  • Be a confident public speaker and present themselves in a professional manner at all times.
  • Possess a general desire to complete projects in a professional manner, on time, and within budget regardless of the effort required.

Compensation and Benefits:
The following items define the compensation and benefits of the position of Project Manager:

The position of Project Manager is a salaried position, and with that comes the responsibility of managing one’s time and the work that needs to be completed. You are expected to work the necessary time to achieve a total of forty (40) billable hours per week. In short you are expected to do what it takes to get the job done, regardless of the effort that it may entail. You will have the flexibility to come and go as needed, but with the clear understanding that your work has the priority and the deadlines and commitments made to our clients must be upheld.

Some of the specific tangible benefits to this position in addition to the normal Chianis + Anderson employee benefits are:

  • Use of a company paid smart phone, i.e., Apple iPhone.
  • Financial bonus based upon productivity and effort.
  • Defined seniority within the office organization.
  • Use of a company paid tablet (IE: Apple iPad, Surface) for drawing review, note taking, and reference as well as email.
  • Other additional tools for office connectivity 24/7 as needed.

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Architectural Designer

We are searching for a motivated individual to join our growing design team. The core responsibility of this full-time position is to perform architectural documentation services in a positive, fast paced architectural office environment. Office hours are Monday thru Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm.

The successful candidate for this position must possess good technical skills, be proficient in in the use of AutoCAD, have excellent verbal and written communication skills, maintain a professional appearance and demeanor at all times, and demonstrate a responsive and proactive approach to everyday work tasks. The day to day responsibilities of this position and types of projects assigned will vary in this exciting fast paced professional environment.

This Architectural Designer position serves as a key element to day to day document production at Chianis + Anderson Architects. The individual in this position will work closely with one of the firms Project Managers and or Partners to develop high quality, accurate, graphically appealing and timely construction documents and related project materials for a variety of project types. In addition to the drafting work, this individual will occasionally be required to field measure existing buildings along with other out of the office tasks.

Educational and Professional Requirements:
Minimum of two-year college degree in an architectural related field. Two years of practical work experience in the field of architecture or related profession is preferred. Previous architectural office experience a plus.

Technical Skills and Attributes:
The following are some of the major skills required of the candidate:

  • Must have good working knowledge of AutoCAD
  • General computer software proficiency
  • General knowledge of building construction materials and methods
  • Knowledge of construction documentation and drawings
  • Sensitivity to project budgeting and time constraints
  • Organizationally excellent
  • Consistently reviews and checks own work for quality control
  • Conducts themselves in a professional manner at all times
  • Proactive, positive attitude
  • Willingly accepts direction and other duties as assigned
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Professional appearance at all times
  • Valid driver license and reliable transportation

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